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Planning a weekend getaway of a family vacation? For more information, please stop by or call the Pelican Rapids Area Tourist Information Center or email us your question. The Pelican Rapids Area Tourist Information Center is located at 25 North Broadway in Historic City Hall.

Office Hours:
Monday – Wednesday:  10:00 am – 5:00 pm



The Pelican Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce is a volunteer-driven organization that encompasses all functions of the Pelican Rapids Commerce and Tourism. The Chamber’s success is made possible through the financial commitment and tireless dedication of businesses and individuals working to strengthen the economic vitality and standard of living in the Pelican Rapids area.


At the Chamber, we believe that the business community thrives when the whole community is healthy. And we believe our region is uniquely positioned to compete in the marketplace because we embrace three key attributes:

  • We create jobs
  • We are responsible stewards of the environment
  • We ensure access and opportunity for all.

The Pelican Rapids Chamber is a corner stone to the citizens that live here.  As a result, we play many roles in our diverse community:

  • Promote Downtown Retail
  • Develop Chamber Membership
  • Develop and Design Community Tourism and Marketing

A one-stop shop for all the tools businesses need to grow, from high-quality networking to employee benefits. We are a community partner and champion for projects, initiatives and people who make our region competitive as well as a great place to live, work and raise a family.


Pelican Rapids is not a geographic region, but a state of mind. Come join us at our next event, get involved with a committee — Join the Fun Chamber and find out why people stay in Pelican Rapids!!

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Pelican Rapids Chamber of Commerce
25 North Broadway
Pelican Rapids, MN 56572

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Board of Directors

Paula Waller

Paula Waller


Nicki Stetz

Nicki Stetz


Jenni Lammers

Jenni Lammers

Office Manager

Michael Strand

Michael Strand

Vice President

Brittany Dokken

Brittany Dokken


Evy Schilling

Evy Schilling


John Ohman

John Ohman



The Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce promotes economic vitality and cooperation of organizations, businesses and tourism within the Pelican Rapids area.”
The Chamber of Commerce is PEOPLE working TOGETHER and investing to make Pelican Rapids BIGGER, BETTER & MORE PROSPEROUS!!!
Make your investment… GET INVOLVED!

PRCC Membership

The Pelican Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce invites individuals and businesses to become a part of the winning team. The Pelican Rapids Area’s Chamber of Commerce works for its members and community. Your membership is the KEY to the Pelican Rapids Area success story. The Pelican Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce uses membership funds, grants, donations and fundraisers to PROMOTE THIS BEAUTIFUL AREA AND COMMUNITIES. The Pelican Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce promotes the area locally, regionally, statewide and in five states.

Membership Dues Schedule

Buesinss Type Membership Dues
Sole Proprietor  $                      155.00
2-3 Employees  $                      225.00
4-6 Employees  $                      300.00
7-12 Employees  $                      390.00
13-19 Employees  $                      500.00
20-25 Employees  $                      640.00
26-99 Employees  $                      780.00
100+ Employees  $                      900.00
Clubs/Churches/Organizations  $                         80.00
Associate Individuals/couples  $                         53.00
*Vendor to Pelican Call for rates


Membership Application Instructions

Locate your dues level on the table above and enter on the form. Complete all information on the form. (New Members see HELP section #5 in determining your first year dues.) 

If you don’t pay online please attach a signed check for the amount due to the this completed form and mail to:

Pelican Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 206
Pelican Rapids, MN 56572-0206

If you have any questions, please contact us at 218-863-1221 or by Email at:

Help & FAQ Info

Members will assess their own dues amount

Members will calculate the number of employees working for them

Members should include themselves and their spouse in the employee count if both work in the business

Membership is renewable annually on the first of September

Businesses that have never been a PRACC member will have their dues prorated by month for the first year

Associate Individuals/couples – Purpose of this category is to enlist and keep the wisdom and energy of those not owning a business and those retired from business ownership, who wish to remain active and supportive of Pelican Rapids

Benefits of Being a Member

The Pelican Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce is a strong, progressive, community minded volunteer organization. It is comprised of individuals, both business and non-business, who meet the challenges of making the greater Pelican Rapids area a strong retail trade market, an exciting tourism destination and a safe, comfortable and prosperous community.

We are dedicated to the betterment of our area businesses, education and community. Tourism also plays an important role in our area. You, as part of this area community, have a vested interest in it. Together we can promote our businesses and community through the Chamber’s various activities.

The Chamber actively promotes the business potential, growth and profitability of the greater Pelican Rapids area. We receive many inquiries via telephone, walk-ins and e-mail, which we respond to promptly with brochures and informational materials of our members.

Our Chamber is a volunteer organization made up of people just like you. We band together to enhance and promote this area’s retail commerce, industries, tourism, agriculture, education, local and state government, recreation and consumer relations.

We are funded through membership dues, fund raising events and donations from generous businesses, organizations and individuals.

A ten member Board of Directors provides leadership for the Chamber. They are selected from the general membership and provide the membership with direction, planning and policies. In addition to planning and policies, the Board provides an important liaison between the Chamber and other community organizations.

As a participating member of the Chamber organization, you make things happen. Chamber membership is a unique opportunity to keep you in the mainstream of our community and gives you the privilege of shaping the community’s economic and civic growth. That’s why the Chamber needs you as an active member and you need the Chamber. Together we can turn our community’s dreams into reality.

Let’s work together for individual and community prosperity. Membership is an investment circle, with you at the beginning and end.

  • Use of Bulk Mailing Permit
  • Quarterly Business to Business Socials
  • Ambassadors for New Businesses
  • Business & Organization Directory
  • Welcome Packets for new residents
  • Chamber Monthly Newsletter
  • Ads in other tourist brochures
  • TV Ads & Radio Ads
  • Placement of your brochure at the Tourist Info Center
  • Business Listing on Chamber Website
  • Website Link to your business site
  • Vacation Directories ad discount
  • Lure Book and Individual Information Handed Out at 4 Travel Shows
  • Lure Book taken to 6 Other Travel Shows
  • Government Relations
  • New Business Relations
  • Interface with EDC, EDA and City Council
  • Beautification of Downtown
  • Honors & Awards
  • Monthly Chamber Meeting