"Friends of Pelican Pete"

As part of the 50th birthday of Pelican Pete, the world’s largest pelican, in 2007 a group of local businesses created a flock of pelican sculptures called the "friends of Pelican Pete". Over three dozen of these four–foot birds were decorated by local and regional artist commissioned by the owners of each bird.

The completed works of art were unveiled in a public ceremony during the summer of 2007. Each "friend" was given a name by the artist and or owner and taken home or to a place of business where they were placed so as to be viewed by the public following a Pelican Tour Brochure available at the Chamber Information Center, 25 North Broadway. To receive brochure by mail call 218-863-1221. Click here to request a brochure by email.

When the snows of winter arrived most of Pete’s friends were moved inside until spring. A separate Winter Pelican Tour Brochure was prepared and a majority can be seen in stores and other places of business.

The tours are self directing and begin at the Visitor’s Center where the world’s largest pelican, Pete himself can be viewed from the deck.

In addition to the Pelican Tour, four self directed historical tours called VISITOURS facilitated on cassette tape or CD are available to rent or purchase at the Visitor’s Center