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Strudel, strudel on the wall, who is Ms. Oktoberfest this fall?

One of the most fun traditions surrounding Oktoberfest is the search for Mr. and Ms. Oktoberfest as well as the Oktoberfest medallions. The first set of clues in the hunt for Mr. and Ms. Oktoberfest, the mysterious man and woman who are cleverly hidden in the community of Pelican Rapids, here they are:

Ms. Oktoberfest CLUES for 2016:
Clue #1: Smiley
Clue #2: Heini
Clue #3: God Sent
Clue #4: Long Term

Ms. Oktoberfest has been found! LAURA HAGEN!! Congratulations Connie Sjostrom for solving the clues!

Mr. Oktoberfest CLUES for 2016:
Clue #1: One of Two
Clue #2: All Around
Clue #3: Volunteer/Survivor
Clue #4: 13 Letters
Clue #5: Chevy to the Levy
Clue #6: Hall of Famer

Congratulations to Mr. Oktoberfest 2016 – Van Holmgren! Don was discovered by Bev Woesnner after she recited the ditty — "Bratwurst, bratwurst on a bun, Mr. Oktoberfest are you the one?" correctly to him. Jaime will receive $50 in Pelican Bucks!

Here is how it works: A series of clues will be printed in The Press and posted on Facebook in the weeks leading up to the 19th annual Oktoberfest. One set of clues will be released weekly, gradually revealing the mystery people. Mr. and Ms. Oktoberfest will be crowned during Oktoberfest festivities.

A prize of $50 in Pelican Bucks, which are redeemable as cash at any Chamber business, will be awarded to each of the two winners. One winner per family is allowed. When you think you have figured out the identity of Mr. Oktoberfest, call him or approach him with this clever ditty: "Bratwurst, bratwurst on a bun, Mr. Oktoberfest, are you the one?" (You must use the ditty to make it a valid request!) If the guy is really Mr. Oktoberfest, he’ll have to fess up. If he isn’t, you’ll likely feel a little silly.

Likewise, when you have figured out the identity of Ms. Oktoberfest, call her or approach her with this clever ditty: "Strudel, strudel on the wall, are you Ms. Oktoberfest this fall?" Again, if the gal is really Ms. Oktoberfest, she’ll be forced to admit it. If not, you will have to try again with someone else fitting the clues.

Winners are instructed to contact Maxine Ballard at 218–530–0420 when they uncover the true identity of Mr. and Ms. Oktoberfest.

Medallion Search

The other search is for the Oktoberfest medallions. There are two and each is hidden somewhere in Pelican Rapids.

Medallion Hunt 1:
Clue #1: Earthy
Clue #2: Info
Clue #3: Rectangles
Clue #4: 7
Clue #5: Lofty

Medallion #1 has been found by Jaime Paulson!


Medallion Hunt 2:
Clue #1: Read
Clue #2: Command
Clue #3: Standard
Clue #4: One of Many
Clue #5: AATTE

Medallion #2 has been found by Sarah Davis!

Clues will be released each week in The Press and will be posted on Facebook. Winners will receive $50 in Pelican Bucks, which can be used at any Chamber business. One winner per family is allowed. The medallions are not hidden on private property. No digging or climbing is necessary to find them. Please, don’t destroy property when searching for the treasure hunt medallions. The winners who find the treasure hunt medallions are asked to contact Maxine Ballard at 218–530–0420 immediately. For a complete list of Oktoberfest events read the Pelican Press or find them on Facebook.